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        There are many things that are said about failure: it is part of life, if you don't fail you don't learn, it is the prelude to success... and endless other phrases to fill self-help books.
        In sports it is very common to fail. It is done by those who were called to become champions and are defeated in a final, a team that loses the category or anyone who does not meet the expectations set. Because, after all, these are the great allies of failure. One goes out to compete with the illusion, the purpose or the obligation to achieve a certain result and not achieving it is devastating.
        That is what professional sport has become, even life itself, in the story of winners versus losers. Someone, be it the press, the fans, the managers or the athletes themselves, decides before starting a competition that the only valid result is this or that and that anything that is not the one marked before starting to fight will mean a disaster.
        For me, failure is something quite different and does not usually have as a qualifying note the one that occurs at the end, but rather the one that during the process leads us to the outcome. Failure is not having put all the desire into the performance of the task, not being honest with the effort, loyal with the companions and faithful to the principles. Failure is very often the end result of disloyalty to the above.
        When people look for work in the United States, having failed is a highly considered aspect, since it implies having undertaken, having taken risks and, surely, having learned. In other countries, including ours, failing is the greatest misfortune.
        Sabina said in her song Conductors suicidal: “we both like the verb to fail”. No, it is not like that, not even remotely; because we have always been noble and honest in our efforts, and although that is not always a guarantee of success, it is one of peace of mind with oneself. And that is priceless.


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