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        Apart from the traditional sports that we are used to practicing or following, either in person or on television, there are other sports competitions that are practiced in some countries and that do not have the media coverage of the 'sports of a lifetime' '. Today we will comment on some sports modalities, to call them in some way, different.
        It originated in Finland and is also practiced in Sweden and Estonia. Simply, its purpose is to carry the wife during a 253.5-meter route where there are a series of obstacles on sand, grass and gravel surfaces; all this in the shortest time possible. The wife may or may not be his own, yes, he must be over 17 years old and have a minimum weight of 49 kilos or if this is less, carry a backpack with weight to reach the established minimum. The way of carrying the woman can be very varied: firefighter style (over the shoulder), piggyback, Estonian style (she hangs with her legs around his shoulders and holds on to his waist). The final prize consists of giving the winner the weight of the woman in liters of beer.
        It is a sport that combines mountain biking with futsal. It consists of playing futsal mounted on a bike (it has a high handlebar to facilitate control of the ball and a saddle behind the axis of the rear wheel to be able to do wheelies), control the ball without getting off it and pass and score goals hitting the ball normally with the front wheel. The playing field is 14x11 meters, the goals are 2x2 meters and the teams are made up of 2, 3 or 4 cyclists.
        It is a sport that was created in 1893 by Nicholas Edward Kaufmann, carrying out the first world championships in 1929. The countries where this sport is most popular are Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Japan.
        It is the national sport of Afghanistan, although it actually originated in Uzbekistan. It is an equestrian sport that is practiced in a field of about two kilometers in which the players of each team do not differ by their clothing, but rather they know each other. At the beginning of the game, the captains greet each other with a Kalashnikov rifle on their shoulders and with bodyguards (for them it is something normal, it is as if you appear here to play with a cap on).
        So what is the game about? Well, the objective of it is to drive the boz, which is a goat without a head or limbs, from one side of the field to the other. There is no referee or established rules, so the fight for possession of the animal can become quite violent. This anarchy of the game also translates to its duration, since there are games that start at 10 in the morning and end at sunset, even longer.
        Everyone has fun how they want or how they can!!



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