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        The human being, sometimes, loses his head and tries to achieve some goals by the easiest way, but not by the right way.
        Sydney 2000, Paralympic Games. Perhaps it is the biggest mole in the history of Spanish sport, and perhaps the most notorious. The Spanish basketball team reached gold after a group stage where they had no rival, a semifinal that they won by 30 and a final where their difference reached 24 points, thus winning the gold medal. Later it would be known that only 2 of the 12 players summoned for this appointment had some type of disability, the magazines 'Gigantes' and 'Capital' echoed this FRAUD. Yes, fraud with capital letters.
        After winning the final, the squad takes a photo with the infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar, a photo that reaches the sports newspapers that echo the achievement and it is at this moment, when one of the editors of the magazine 'Gigantes ' recognizes some of the team members who played in different leagues for able-bodied players.
        The house of cards begins to fall and in the end, it was learned that the entire framework had been managed to achieve that gold medal and that this would help to have more subsidies for sports with disabilities, something that after all this scandal turned into its against.
        In addition, without knowing anything, the president of the Committee (who was fully aware of the plot), an infiltrator slipped in among the fakers who represented Spain, this was Carlos Ribagorda, editor of the magazine 'Capital', he was part of the team to try to get in light of the irregularities that seemed to exist within the world of Paralympic sport.
        An investigation was carried out through the Spanish Paralympic Committee that confirmed that 14 of the 200 athletes displaced to said Paralympic event were not disabled. In addition to the 10 mentioned in the basketball discipline, four more cases of athletics, swimming and table tennis were added that had won four medals. These medals were returned by order of the Committee and the president, Fernando Martín Vicente, was convicted in 2013 for the crimes of falsehood and fraud.
        The real sufferers of all this deception were the two athletes who did have disabilities, Ramón Torres, captain of the team, whom we got to know more about through the documentary 'King Ray' where he relates how badly he had it. Simply, they destroyed his life, he did not understand anything, returning his medal without having had any fault, having to go through trials...
        Ramón commented to his mother: "The strange thing about them is that none of them are strange" in reference to the members of the Paralympic team. He also inspired the character of Roman in the movie Champions, he even had a small cameo in this great film.
        The Spanish proverb is very wise and tells us: "Things well done, look good."



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