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Víctor Rodríguez Santamarta `MONCHO` (1st Position in the National Paramotor Ranking
        His philosophy defines him:
                        “I started flying in 2004 and since then I have spent more hours in the air than with my feet on the ground”
                         “Flying is more than a sport, it is a passion”
                          “Flying is a priority and a lifestyle”
                          “Flying is the essence of freedom”
                          “My goal is that every day is a new adventure”
        Nothing resists him when it comes to flying through the skies: Nepal, Dubai, Senegal, Thailand, Macedonia, Egypt, Poland, Brazil, China, among other destinations, know Moncho's flights; He was the first paramotor pilot to fly over the island of Santo Tomé.
        Enthusiasm, impetus and passion for everything he does, and always with a touch of altruism, collaborating in all kinds of solidarity events.
        He fully enjoys contact with nature and as an athlete he can boast of a great track record. Here is a list of some of his achievements:
               – At the national level, in the Slalom modality, he was runner-up in Spain 2018; bronze in 2019, and champion of Spain and runner-up in the National precision in 2021.
               – Many participations in international events: Slalomanía (silver, 2013), Bornos International Open (silver, 2014), Icarobatix (silver, 2019), Parabatix (silver, 2019), Open FA12 (bronze, 2020), Accuracy Portugal ( gold, 2021), Accuracy France (bronze, 2021)…
               – Since 2010 he belongs to the national paramotor team having been bronze by nations in the World Slalom Paramotor Championship in 2013 and 2015; bronze by nations in the European Slalom Championship and sixth by nations in the 2021 world championship.
               – He is in the top 9 of the Slalom world ranking.
        Here I leave you with the TEST OF TAS…
1. If you could compete in another sport, what would it be?
        In anything related to nature, mountain or sea, perhaps kitesurfing that I have yet to learn and I am sure I would quickly understand the movements and the feeling.
        Currently, apart from competing in paramotor slalom, I have just introduced myself 100% in accuracy, which are precision landings in paragliding, without a motor.
2. What is the craziest thing you have done in your life?
        Flying over some sacred places in my adventures with the paramotor, especially in Thailand and Africa, where on a couple of occasions I had a hard time explaining to the authorities that the intention of the flight was nothing strange, like a 'spy', with moments of true tension and adventure, but always controlling it with that point of enjoying it and letting yourself be carried away by that moment and that story that you can remember and tell your loved ones all your life.
3. What is your favorite song to listen to before a competition?
        I like to meditate normally and do it many times in silence, other times, precisely in competition, I use music from my personal list and randomly, whatever comes out of that personal list, but to answer something more adequately... it is also difficult because it depends on me state of mind and situation in the competition and strategy, I use more zen or total electronic music, powerful to gather energy.
4. If you could buy only one thing, whatever it was, what would you buy?
        Real and tangible I understand, because otherwise it would be Freedom for all and a full life. But real it would be a beautiful and impressive place to live, even taking off from the same land, close to nature and the river or the sea.
5. What is your favorite topic of conversation?
        Mysticism and science, also history. Anything that gives me about the fascinating place we live in and what we ourselves and our conscience are.
6. If you could stay the same age for the rest of your life, what would it be?
        Some age between 25 and 33, like now. Maybe just this age, that of Christ, is great because you are an adult from head to toe (or you try, hahaha). But in my case I have the energy and the young blood, almost age gives me experience and my energy has never been less but more, which I imagine will stop one day hahaha.
7. If you had to eat something every day for your whole life, what would you choose?
8. If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?
        Jesus Christ and some representative of ancient civilizations so aware of SO MUCH and so connected with EVERYTHING.
9. Moment of your sports career that you remember most fondly
        Winning the Spanish Paramotor Slalom Championship, after trying for several years.
10. What do you give up to compete?
        A much more stable and routine life (although I don't want it either, nor is it my style), many times you spend a lot of time and many times in a row away from 'home'.
11. What word describes you in sports?
12. If you could exchange your life with someone, which person would you choose?
        I think I would not do it because everyone has the power to improve themselves and always become a better version, but perhaps with someone who has contributed something really great to humanity, like any great scientist or genius in our history, someone who could really change things for the better globally, a true hero from the heart, perhaps it is something that I always carry inside with that spark of illusion and intention of wishing to be able to contribute something great and that your life has been worth something to many.
13. What is your favorite activity, pastime or hobby?
        Fly, obviously. I can't conceive of a life without it, it's been 17 years now and I love to say today that I've been doing it for more than half my life.
14. Athlete you most admire or have admired in any sport
        Nadal nowadays, but within extreme sports, although I like to call them adventure sports, there are incredible machines that I wouldn't know where to start.
15. Apart from deportementehablando.com, what is the web page that you visit the most in Internet?
        www.parapentemoncho.com Hahaha, just kidding. I don't have any in particular, perhaps RT News that reports globally on things that don't reach nationally.


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