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        According to the RAE, a nickname is the “name that is usually given to a person, taken from their bodily defects or from some other circumstance.” The nickname, however, lacks that apparent derogatory character: “Nickname given to a person for a quality or condition of his.”


        Over the years, the football community has been in charge of giving nicknames and nicknames to all those who have stepped on the grass. If we look closely, we can place them in different categories.


  1. A very popular one is undoubtedly one that refers to the animal world. We have everything from fleas, to cats, rabbits, vultures …


  1. The bodily features, of course, have their space as well as the athlete’s physique and on many occasions, they are tremendously descriptive: Cosmic kite, Mr. Proper, Tintin, the noodle, the poplar …


  1. The skills and abilities of the players describe them without any doubt: the sorcerer, the wizard, or the king …


  1. The goals are accompanied by their celebrations and the authors usually have a special way of celebrating it, such as the goalkeeper, the pirate …
  2. The scorers have their particular niche: Sukerman, the rifle, Bam bam …

        Here are 50 examples of the hundreds of nicknames and nicknames that football players have had, have and will have.

  1. Rooney //   ”Shrek”
  2. Maradona //   ”Barrilete cósmico, Pelusa”
  3. Quini //     “El brujo”
  4. Messi //    “La pulga”
  5. Iribar //    “El chopo”
  6. Di María //    “El fideo”
  7. Ribery //    “Scarface” (cara cortada)
  8. Saviola //    “El conejo”
  9. Ronaldo //    “El bicho”
  10. Kiko //  “El arquero”
  11. Farfan //  “La foquita”
  12. Butragueño //  “El buitre”
  13. Pandiani //  “El rifle”
  14. Acuña //  “El toro”
  15. Aimar //  “El payaso”
  16. Burgos // ”El mono.
  17. Ablanedo //  “El gato”
  18. Puyol //  “El tiburón”
  19. Pires //  “D´Artagnan”
  20. Ljungberg //  “Mr. Gayumbos”
  21. Solskjaer //  “baby nace killer”
  22. Dertycia //  “Mr. Proper”
  23. Silva //  “El chino”
  24. Ortega //  “El burrito”
  25. Muller //  “El torpedo”
  26. Yashin //  “La araña negra”
  27. Migueli //  “Tarzán”
  28. Claudio López //  “El piojo”
  29. Carrasco //  “El lobo”
  30. Verón //  “La brujita”
  31. Ivan Zamorano //  “Bam bam”
  32. Ibagaza //  “El caño”
  33. Iguain //  “El pipita”
  34. Abreu //  “El loco”
  35. Baraja //  “El Pipo”
  36. Koeman //  “Tintín”
  37. Tevez //  “El apache”
  38. D´Alessandro //  “El cabezón”
  39. Baptista //  “La bestia”
  40. Drogba //  “El perro”
  41. Cruyff //  “El flaco”
  42. Kempes //  “El matador”
  43. Huntelaar //  “El cazador”
  44. Valencia //  “El tren”
  45. Torres //  “El niño”
  46. Valerón //  “El mago”
  47. Pelé //  “O rey”
  48. Granero //  “El pirata”
  49. Valdano //  “El filósofo”
  50. Villa //  “El guaje”


        There are footballers who have only been known by their nicknames, their real name has been omitted; moreover, in most cases, they would not be recognized by their own name.


  1. Képler Laverán Lima Ferreira //  ”Pepe”
  2. Oswaldo Giroldo //   “Juninho” Paulista
  3. Antônio Augusto Ribeiro Reis //   “Juninho” Pernambucano
  4. Luis Filipe Madeira //   “Figo”
  5. José Martínez Sánchez //   “Pirri”
  6. Edson Arantes do Nascimento //  “Pelé”
  7. Arthur Antunes Coimbra //   “Zico”
  8. Miguel Porlán Noguera //   “Chendo”
  9. Anderson Luis de Souza //   “Deco”
  10. Marcos Evangelista //  “Cafú”
  11. Vítor Borba Ferreira Gomes…………………. “Rivaldo”
  12. Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite………….. “Kaká”
  13. Carlos Alonso González……………………… “Santillana”
  14. Manuel Francisco dos Santos………………. “Garrincha”
  15. José Roberto Gama de Oliveira…………….. “Bebeto”



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